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Seek First The Kingdom Ministry is a Christian Pentecostal and Evangelical Ministry registered in Nigeria and located in Ibadan, Oyo State.

Our mission is to ‘‘Build the Total Quality Christian who is prosperous physically and spiritually.   The Total Quality Christian is the one of whom our Lord Jesus said “My purpose  is to give life in all its  fullest”. John 10:10.

Our mission is to the unbelievers as well as born-again Christians.

To the unbeliever, our responsibility is to introduce the way of salvation that leads to eternal life and to  encourage you  to make that critical decision to become a child of  God.

To the born-again Christian, our responsibility is to assist and encourage you to remain steadfast in the Lord so that you can enjoy the abundant life which He promised.

The Lord has given us specific assignments and, with the help of the Holy Spirit, we shall develop and implement strategies to effectively carry out these assignments.

When necessary, we shall collaborate with other ministers/ ministries to organize and implement various programs to fulfill the objectives of our ministry and the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ.

More about our Activities

Rev. Tolu Bammeke

Minister in Charge

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