Sometime in August 1987, I was on a trip to a part of the North on an official assignment. I had a dream that before I returned from the trip, my father had died. So, I began to pray, saying ‘‘Lord, I don’t want my father to die now’’. I felt, ah, why should he die now? He should live to a ripe old age.

I came back from that trip and as soon as I landed at Ibadan, I rushed to His house, and I found him sitting in front of the house. What a relief! He was alive, he wasn’t dead. I spent some time with him that evening; we had some gist, we had a nice time. I left him.

The following week I was back on my trip; then I had that dream again that he died before I returned. But this time, something else was added to the dream. I was told to go and minister Jesus Christ to him so he might be saved.

That was a problem. I felt it was a problem because he was a Christian; I was a Christian born into the Methodist Church and I just couldn’t see how, I was going to face my father to talk to him about Jesus Christ. It wasn’t as if he didn’t know Jesus Christ, so I thought.

I threw it back to the Lord, I said “make it easy for me; if you want me to talk to him about Jesus Christ, let him start the conversation. As soon as I get back to Ibadan, I am going to him”.

As soon as I landed at Ibadan, I headed for his house. True enough, I found him in front of the house. As usual, we started gisting. All of a sudden, he popped the question, he asked me “look, what is the difference in the way you worship Jesus Christ and the way we do it?”

How relieved I was, that was the cue I needed. I knew God had answered my prayers, so I started talking to him about the differences between the way they taught us to worship the Lord and the way we have come to know the Lord after being born again.

I explained to him that the way we used to practice Christianity was just religion, you went to church and it was just like a social gathering. There was nothing touching, there was no personal relationship between you and the Lord.

Interestingly I became born again February 1987 and between that February and August, oh my goodness, I knew the difference. After I spoke with him for sometime, he asked me to pray for him so we went into the house.

Can you imagine, I have never experienced that kind of a thing before; my father knelt down in front of me, so I also knelt down and then we prayed together. I prayed for him and from that day, the Lord must have revealed Himself to him because when I came, sometime in December, I invited him to a Full Gospel Businessmen Fellowship dinner. During the altar call, I had a prompting to open my eyes. I looked towards the front and I saw my father, standing there, I said “wow, he gave his life to the Lord” I was a witness and it was a good thing too.

This was around 19th December1987. Within one month he was gone to be with the Lord but I was comforted because I knew that he will actually be with the Lord. The events of the day he died confirmed it to me in many ways.

As you are reading this, let me ask you a couple of questions:

  1. Do you know when you will die?
  2. Do you know what will happen after you die?
  3. Where do you go when you leave the land of the living?

If you are not sure, I am. The events between August 1987 and January 22nd 1988 as well as the Bible tell me there is a day of judgment when you will stand before your creator to render the account of your stewardship while you were here on the earth.

Take the same decision which my father took and establish a new life in Jesus Christ while you are here on earth to be sure of where you will spend eternity after you pass on.

Tolu Bammeke